Connecting people and technology

Company Profile

DnA Business Consulting is an accomplished and diversified IT consultancy business within multi-disciplinary environments. We are not new to the BPM scene – but our approach is.

Through our expertise and world-class partner solutions, we consult, analyse, develop and implement agile solutions tailored specifically to every client's individual requirements.

Our management team holds in excess of 20 years’ experience across a variety of challenging operational and senior leadership IT functions in the corporate environment. Our resources therefore present a proven ability in streamlining strategic business goals and enablement of sustainable value to our clients.

Through our innovative and visionary approach, we extend proficiency within the following specialised fields:

  • Distribution and implementation partners of cost-effective, world-class business systems and solutions
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Consulting Services
  • System Development (Business Process Management Solutions)
  • System Integration Services
  • Transformation of End-to-End Technology Services
  • IT Project Management
  • Consulting in the design and execution of IT Strategy aligned to Corporate Strategy
  • Consulting in IT Governance, Internal Control & IT Risk Management
  • CIO Leadership and Executive Management Consulting
  • Delivery of cost-effective Infrastructure and System Architecture

Our Purpose

We strive to remain current with the rapid pace of change in the information technology environment, whilst focusing on automation of business processes. We therefore possess a forward-thinking mind-set to build strategic partnerships and focus on stakeholder value.

Values We Live By

As important as it is to get the job done, we believe how we go about doing our job is equally as important. These company values guide how we work each day:

Put The Customer First

It's simple. Always put the customer first. We care deeply about the customer experience and our part in helping our customers achieve success. This is our main priority.

Don’t Wait… Every Second Counts

In the race for innovation and securing the collaboration culture, we believe courageous risk-taking is crucial to meeting our customers' needs. We want to be ready to provide the latest cutting-edge solutions to our customers. In the BPM and MES space, we are here to lead. That means moving at pace.

Leave The World A Better Place

This is not just a value, it's a purpose. We come together to create, build, impact one another, and to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We care about people, our communities, the planet, and our customers. Giving back is in our DNA.

Presume Positive Intent

We prefer to start each interaction from a place of understanding. We lead with a positive perspective in all situations, seek clarity, identify truth, and work towards solutions.

Get It Done & Do It Right

To ‘get it done’ means to do a job with expertise, understanding of the customer needs, and to produce positive results. To ‘do it right’ means we equally value behaviors such as teamwork, optimism, enthusiasm, integrity and accountability.

Maintain Successful Track Record

DnA’s business philosophy is to maintain a track record in successful automation of business processes, driving results and providing cost-effective IT solutions to our valued clients and their unique organisational challenges.

DnA Directors & Management

Alfred Pawson – Director: Information Technology

Alfred is an accomplished and diversified IT Executive / Consultant in multi-disciplinary environments. He prides himself in the fact that he speaks both Tech & Exec as he has in excess of 22 years’ experience across a variety of challenging operational and senior leadership IT functions.

Connect with Alfred:

Danica Tupa – Director: Operations & Business Development

Danica is a dynamic and effective professional with a high-output capacity and efficiency in key areas within Business Development and CRM, with primary focus on service delivery.

20 Years of extensive and broad experience, most prominent in the services and sales industry, provided her with the knowledge and desire to expand her expertise into the IT sector.

Danica has risen through the ranks of multi-disciplinary environments with remarkable momentum, making her now a front-runner in the marketing of BPM and IT business systems and solutions.

Her astute business and management intelligence has given her the capability to ensure that DnA continuously expands its operations, whilst at the same time providing clients the service and agile solutions they deserve.

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