FlowCentric Collaborate - Introduction

FlowCentric Collaborate is a cloud application for modelling business workflows. The software is easy to use and promotes team collaboration, which means that you can get all the right people to work together on perfecting your process diagrams.

FlowCentric Collaborate not only allows you to visually model your business processes, but also allows you to create all the form fields that are necessary to digitise and automate your business processes with the FlowCentric BPM software.

FlowCentric Collaborate - Discover, Capture, Optimse, Train

Model, document and restructure your business processes, information flows, and systems with the intuitive process design tool, Collaborate from FlowCentric Technologies.

  • Much more than a modelling tool
  • Getting the right strategic vision
  • Equip your business to evolve
  • Encourage Team Collaboration – Improve Interdepartmental Communication
  • Communicate Important Changes More Effectively
  • Regulatory Compliance - It’s more than just playing defence
  • Quick Document Generation
  • Greater Control with Master Data
  • Where Innovation and Output Meet

Your path to process discovery, transformation and continuous optimization

Collaborate gives you the power to test different business scenarios in a safe environment before making any real-world changes.

Collaborate allows Business Analysts to model processes, generate functional specification documents and export the mapped processes directly into the powerful automation suite, Processware. Developers can immediately start working to create automated, integrated business applications that are tailored to address the organisation’s requirements.

FlowCentric Collaborate – Drive operational excellence

BPMN Software to Define Your Business Processes
Clearly understand your organisation’s operating model

Regulatory Compliance

Define and document the procedures required to support compliance within processes

Encourage Team Collaboration

Involve the right people when defining your business processes

Process Transformation

The power to design and test different business scenarios in a safe environment

Quick Document Generation

Publish high quality documentation to your preferred format

FlowCentric Collaborate – Transformation Suite

FlowCentric Collaborate process transformation suite consists of the following functionality:

Mine and map current and future state and continuously improve your processes.

Build standardisation and governance into new processes and ways of working.

Create and test alternative flows and outcomes to identify improvements that will deliver the best value to the organisation.

Promote open communication and knowledge-sharing with stakeholders and customers.

Create a holistic view of your operations linked through to your processes.

Set goals, strategy and milestones, and track your progress.


Understanding Processes

Most organisations are on a journey to continuously improve their processes; to control costs, to drive revenue growth or to digitally transform the customer and operational experience.

Stakeholders are finding they do not fully understand their processes, the metrics and costs associated with them and the interdependencies that exist among them. If there are gaps in this knowledge, it becomes much harder to accurately answer questions such as:

Traditionally, organisations have relied upon resource-intensive, manual methods to help gain a clearer picture of their processes and to answer these questions. There is another way. A better way.

Using FlowCentric Collaborate Process Mining capabilities you can employ an automated, digital, data-driven approach to gain a detailed and accurate understanding of your processes as the basis for transforming and optimizing them.

Capture Opportunity with Rapid Process Discovery

FlowCentric Collaborate ‘Rapid Process Discovery’ capabilities enable organisations to accelerate the knowledge around and applications of how people, process and technology are working and performing, no matter where your resources are situated:

Leverage a data-driven, fact-based approach to process improvement, leveraging your system data and empirical evidence to uncover how processes work in the real world. Process mining unlocks transformation opportunities from the outset identifying bottlenecks, variances and friction points from your system data.

Create robust process models from scratch or import previous artifacts you may have to jump start your models. The power of process mapping in Collaborate is that it takes you well beyond mapping, allowing you to capture powerful metrics, utilise stakeholder collaboration, and align your organisation and technologies so you know exactly what is happening in your processes.

Quickly garner the intelligence of your processes from your workforce through easy-to-use surveys that dynamically build your current state view of processes from anywhere. The survey forms provide a simple step by step walk-through to capture how your associates work, unlocking the ability to quickly address improvement opportunities.


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